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Thirsty Dog Bottle


The Thirsty Dog Bottle is an elegant and portable, BPA free smart water bottle that has been designed for dogs and to be an easy addition to your pets healthy and active lifestyle.

This bottle has been designed with practicality and portability in mind, meaning it is easy to take with you wherever you need it, at the beach, the local park or on a long road trip. Meaning your furry friend is never far from water, and this also eliminates the chances of your dog getting sick from drinking out of stagnate puddles, algae rich streams or shared dog bowls.

The Thirsty Dog Bottle has been engineered with all size dogs in mind, meaning this one bottle can accommodate any size dog with its unique cup feature. This bottle has been designed 



  • BPA Free, these bottles have been made to the highest manufacturing standards with no nasty's!
  • Portable, easy to take with you where ever you go with your furry friend!
  • Practical, the spring loaded water locking system means you can pop it in your bag or on the back seat of the car without worrying it will leak. 
  • No water wastage, if your dog doesn't drink all the water you filter into the cup simply hold down the largest white button and tip the bottle backwards and watch the water flow back into the bottle to be used later!
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 550mL Bottle.
  • Available in white or black.
  • Designed in New Zealand.