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MLILY SensiPolar Gel Top Memory Foam Pillow



This Pillow combines a Memory Foam core with a Cooling Gel Pad Top to provide deep, refreshing sleep.

The ergonomically shaped Memory Foam core is designed to mould and support your head and neck while providing superior comfort and pressure relief.



  • Cooling Gel Pad is a single layer of raised gel adhered to the pillow during manufacture, this panel gives you an intense feeling of coolness.
  • Memory Foam conforms to your unique body shape and helps to alleviate pressure points and discomfort for a better night’s sleep.
  • Ventilated throughout to increase air flow helping regulate heat and enhance breathability.
  • A removable cleanable cover is the only way that you can easily and conveniently get rid of dust mites, smell, mold, and perspiration.
    You can relax knowing that you’re sleeping in a hygienic and fresh environment.


Available in a standard or low profile style.

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