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Kakapo Print - A3 Size



This print is from a collection curated by a local New Zealand artist Nick McIvor. She has created a beautiful range of prints which are proud to stock, they are all stunning detailed pieces. She has a range of open edition and limited edition prints.


  • x1 A3 Print.
  • Limited edition.

The Kakapo (Strigops habroptila) - kaka means parrot and po means night - is a cheeky and inquisitive bird native only to New Zealand. Sinbad the Kakapo lives on Codfish Island; when a friend was there at night, he climbed onto her head to check her out, then perched on her foot and finally performed a dance. This curiosity and lack of fear is part of the reason they are critically endangered. But all is not lost: there are now 154 birds on record, up from a low of 51 in 1995.