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Harmony Mattress in a Box!

Wake up refreshed with a ROYAL Mattress

Not only a comfortable & fully supportive, high quality pocket spring mattress,
but also comes delivered in a handy vacuum-packed box


Harmony Mattress in a Box Convenient and Affordable

Quality assured with a 5 Year Warranty.
Designed by Dream Solutions


So what's all this talk about a Mattress in a Box?

What exactly is a Mattress in a Box? Well in this day an age, yes you can now purchase an entire bed made of high quality materials and have it delivered to your door, in a box!

That means that you no longer need to measure door frames and navigate awkward stairs to upgrade your sleep. The era of huge, difficult to maneuver mattresses has passed!


But am i sacrificing quality for convenience? The answer is no.

First of all this is no basic air bed or piece of cheap foam, you are still buying a full sized, fully supportive, pocket spring and memory foam mattress full of technology and designed for maximum comfort.


So how does it fit into a box? A very clever vacuum packing technique is used by our factory to compress and compact a full sized mattress into a small sized box, making it very easy and convenient for you to receive and setup. The technique used doesn’t change the performance of the mattress in any way. Once opened, it can take a couple of hours, up to 24 hours to fully expand into its final size and shape. Its amazing to watch!


Can i see and try the mattress before i buy? Yes of course, all our Dream Solutions mattress range are on display at all our stores Auckland Wide. Come in and lie down today!


unpack, unroll, sleep well!  


Return Policy


Rest assured, we offer an industry leading 5 year warranty on all Dream Solutions Mattress'es in a Box.
Conditions Apply




Dream Solutions Mattress in a Box are made from 3 different types of comfort foam and individual pocket springs.


Delivery Time


We can deliver your Mattress in a Box to anywhere in NZ.
Allow 1-3 days for urban areas and 3-5 days for rural.




Why Not Just Buy a Cheap Mattress?

The idea behind the Mattress in a Box concept is convenience, but with a focus on maintaining quality and affordability.

Even though a mattress can come in a box, doesn't mean it should be low quality. This technology is fairly new and exciting! It is a result of reducing transport costs and increasing convenience.

Packaging mattresses this way means that we save on freight, and pass those savings on to you!



experience harmony mattress in a box for yourself

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