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MLILY Electric Motion Bed

$1,499.00 $2,299.00


mlily smart bed

The Smart Bed is Here!


Mlily’s Electric Motion Bases allow you to sleep on your back by inclining your upper body and lower body into a more comfortable position. Just like you find it enjoyable to rest on a recliner, our Motion Bases enable you to get into the most comfortable position possible!
Today people read, work on their laptops and watch TV in bed. The Mlily Motion Bed is the Smart Bed of the future!


The Mlily Motion Base stands on its own, or fits into your existing bed frame!

The leg elevation position may assist in alleviating fluid retention. In addition, some subtle adjustments in leg elevation when lying on your side can help in changing the hip position slightly. In combination with the correct mattress this may help back and hip pain sufferers enormously.

Comes with a wireless controller with built in Flash Light and 2 programmable memory positions complement the MLILY electric, adjustable base. Simply select your most comfortable position and memorize it on your controller to return your bed to your favourite upright position with the touch of a button.

The Motion Bed can be installed into any bed frame, but must be used with a MLILY mattress in order to function properly.

For a Super King size, 2x Long Single bases and mattresses are used. This allows you to mix and match mattress feels and have independent controls.



  • Wireless Remote Control 
  • Lumbar Adjust
  • Pillow Raise
  • One Touch Flat Button
  • Syncing Split Bases (For King Split Model)
  • Battery Backup for Power Outage Situations
  • Adjustable Legs: Comes with legs that can be adjusted to 25cm, 15cm or 10cm, or remove legs to fit into existing frame.



  • May assist in relieving respiratory discomfort
  • Leg elevation can assist in relieving fluid retention
  • S Shape (Zero Gravity Position) assists in back pain relief  
  • Great for breast feeding mothers
  • Great Lifestyle option


    Warranty Information

    5 year limited warranty on the base, 2 year warranty on the motor and electronics






      Long Single x cm
      King  Single x cm
      Queen x cm


      Super King
      (2x Long Single)

      x cm

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